99 Pipe Organ Calendars, Bach Calendars, Music Calendars And Really Cool Composers Calendars


Music calendars and more music calendars: a total of 99. You will find a perfect calendar for every taste. And that is true for 2024 + 2025. Here's a first shortcut to the shop for you.



Bach calendars and more Bach calendars, music calendars and more music calendars plus composer calendars and more composer calendars. Not 100 calendars, no, 99 calendars are offered worldwide by a tiny Publishing House in Flein near Heilbronn, Southern Germany. By the way: Just have a quick look at the pictures of all calendars, you can do that on a neighboring page, here on this website. It is the Publishing House of Renate Bach ... Bach 4 You, which together with the Project Bach on Bach of my husband Peter Bach Jr. results in the Johann Sebastian Bach Mission. The Publishing House came into being out of the confusion of first publishing the "Biography About Johann Sebastian Bach for Children" by Peter Bach Jr. and also to refinance at least a part of the expenses for the illustrations in the project. The cooperation with about 50 creative people all over the world and the realization that many works – historical paintings and engravings, but also very young and new works – are much too good to be illustrated only once on a single website page, led to the decision to publish these 99 music calendars.


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That is how the first idea for a music calendar and a composers calendar developed: In the year 2012 – one year earlier or later maybe – Peter Bach Jr. had the idea for the first time. It was the idea to create a Bach calendar, which might excite Bach fans, he thought: Twelve Bach monuments, which he had taken photos of during the past four years, were the perfect collection. He needed twelve brilliant photos, however he had some 25 pics of such memorials. So this calendar came into being, mentally first, then he planned it, and finally it was the first which was printed.


With the dynamic of the Mission, the excitement for calendars themes grew. That was when Peter also thought of a composers calendar for the first time. Plus, he thought that a composers calendar might get folks interested in his Bach project behind, just to promote his goal, which was to invite folks to his "Bach on Bach" website. So one idea came up after the other.


His goal actually was, by approaching composers lovers and lovers of classical music with such an offer of calendars, to interest a much broader audience for the greatest composer on earth, which is, no doubt, Johann Sebastian Bach. So what he thought was, the more composers calendars he would "invent", the more future potential visitors of his Bach website he might create. He considered these composers calendars a perfect "promotion vehicle", too. Because these composers calendars would "transport" this hint regarding Bach on Bach from any wall as they "shout Bach is cool" to everybody who comes along and finds that calendar cool ... and that for one whole year long.


Classical Composers in Many Calendars and in Two Styles


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Composers calendars and more composers calendars: There are many different styles of composers calendars, Bach calendars and also music calendars. "Bach 4 You" offers them in its store. Above are the next calendars of the author Peter Bach Jr. and nine more is what we present on this page further down. It is unusual, this website. It is unusual, this homepage, because like all websites in the project, these publications want not only to inform, but especially to entertain. By the way, all music calendars will be published in 2024 + 2025. Click here to go to the publisher's store.



An Unconventional Website: Entertainment on Page 1, the Composers Calendars Are in a Different Corner 


Please read on here only if you want to learn much, really much more about calendars in general, if you also have time. And also feel like it. And ... if you want to get involved in a little entertainment.


If you would like to see a selection of calendars now, please click on the following links. You can get to the Bach calendars here. We never thought it would be possible to offer 33 different calendars. And many of them even in two styles. To the composers calendars click here. The composers calendars, also 33, really address every taste: Many are cool, some more than cool, but there are also the conservative and the "terribly conservative." For all those who are enthusiastic about music, but who less interested in classical music, the publisher offers music calendars. Also 33, of course. You get to the music calendars and if you would like especially that your offspring once is interested in music, then there are also 33 children's calendars on the subject of music. You can find them here.


Something very special is our offer to you to create your own calendar from 36 composers to a cool composers calendar: Your twelve favorites of classical music for a whole year. Here's what this calendar looks like below. There are two areas we can't change: The title page is always the same, plus, unfortunately, we can't "move" Mr. Beethoven to January for you, and Mr. Bach to May. But beyond that, you have the option to choose between around 1.2 billion options. So feel free to put together your own composers calendar: For your home, for your grandparents, for a music friend, for a musician among your acquaintances, or for anyone you can think of now. By the way, this calendar is available in this painting style with our ( ! ) selection of composers.


Decide among the 36 really greats of the guild: Twelve composers will "perform" in a calendar. Just decide: Who may, who may not ! You will find all your choices in the pictures below. For an overview, you will first get the small pictures. However, to experience them in their perfect quality, you need to enlarge them in their full beauty. 36 composers for your personal composers calendar. And by the way, we publish them for 2024 + 2025. Click here for this calendar in the store.


What we found out: These motifs look even better when you look at them enlarged. This is perfectly possible with the gallery function and thus the enlargement. Click on any of the composers and then move around with the " > " button. Why don't you give it a try? How to order such a calendar? Not automatically, not through the store. Please write us a mail: Here in Flein near Heilbronn in Southern Germany sit two "real humans". More precisely, it is the two of us, my husband and I. The next steps will be very personal, that is we will accompany you through your purchase. We calculate for you what the adventure will cost you, define the composers, put them together, send you your selection again for comparison ... and if you like it up to there, then you transfer the invoice amount, we let print and in approximately three weeks this cool composers calendar is finally then with you.  It is € 10* more for our effort and this composers calendar is also one of the hot off the press 90 music calendars. This information for you already gladly here. And as a reminder, you can also get it € 10* lower: just with our selection of the masters.


Not twelve composers in one composers calendar, but twelve motifs on the subject of Mozart and twelve motifs on the subject of Beethoven in one calendar each.



Composers Calendars: There Is Not One, But There Are 33 Composers Calendars. From Cool to Conservative 


The Renate Bach Book and Calendar Publishing House Bach 4 You is certainly the smallest publisher of its kind in Germany and that's why so many things work quite differently from all the big calendar publishers. First, there are all calendars at Bach 4 You in exactly three sizes. That is DIN A4 and DIN A3 and DIN A2 (... check, what's that in centimeters and inches here). The publishing program is divided into six calendar sections: music calendars, Bach calendars, composers calendars, children's calendars in the matter of music, wine calendars. The wine calendars have, of course, nothing to do with music. However, when both the author and the Publishing House live and work in a wine village, it's sort of natural, that they also offer wine calendars.


Then there are only two price categories for all calendars: That is, there are low-priced calendars and there are calendars hot off the press. So there are exactly two times three prices for all 99 music calendars.  A small exception is the composer calendar "12 out of 36", which costs just the ten mentioned €* more than a freshly printed calendar. What's that in Dollars, Pounds, Renminbi? Just click here, please.


For composer fans who really don't want any modern frills around their favorites: "Classical Portraits". The monthly sheets for this and all other composers calendars are available in the shop. Always under the price information ✓✓


If really no color at all fits the living space decor, then this calendar makes all the difference. The great composers in black and white! Look at several black and white calendars in the store.   ✓✓

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Many Designs ... Many More Composers Calendars 

A composers calendar ... now for you who are convinced that you can like classical music even if you are cool and stylish. Discover here also hip composers calendars. 2024 + 2025.


A music calendar, one of 33. Of course, all these music calendars also come in different design directions. Some are really conservative, others are more hip and cool and stylish. 2024 + 2025.

Six Prices? How Does That Work?


As mentioned, the Renate Bach Publishing House is a tiny calendar publishing house. Actually ... it is even smaller than tiny. Nevertheless: We work very professionally, reliably, carefully and also personally. There is not "any" employee on the phone when you call. No, it's me, Renate Bach. Or my husband. That's why the rules are different for smaller than small calendar publishing houses, and we want to highlight that we don't want to make a living out of it, but rather refinance our Bach Mission. That's why everything also has to do with risk. On January 31, every calendar is ... with a smile ...  and not only the composers calendars is ... practically wastepaper, that means it never sells again. Better: never again at all. It ends up ... and this sounds cruel, in the trash.


That's why we also offer 90 calendars out of 99 music calendars only hot off the press and only order them from our print shop when you order one of them.  Or two or three.This way, not a single one of the 90 calendars remains unsold at the end. That's right, it's also environmentally friendly.  But that is not the primary reason for this procedure. Well, if you only order two or three or five of them, then they are a bit more expensive than if you have 100,000 of them printed. Just like the big grocery chains order ... Kitten calendars. Or calendars with horses or landscapes. Kitten calendars are simply much, much more in demand than composers calendars ...  who is not surprised?!


There are exceptions in each calendar category at Bach 4 You. Exactly three exceptions among music calendars, one exception among Bach calendars. And there are even five composer calendars in "exception status". These nine out of 99 are the publisher's favorable music calendars. In the case of the composer calendars, "Bach 4 You" is indeed aiming to appeal to all ages and also to meet all tastes: the tastes of all musicians and all music fans. And all those, which would like to prepare a joy for musicians or music friends in the family, in the circle of friends or under their acquaintances.


So with these nine exceptions, our publisher is taking a bit of a risk. And so we sometimes have ten, 20 or even 30 of these nine designs printed that we think will be particularly well liked. And this price difference then leads exactly to the fact that we can offer you a significant price difference. At least that was the plan once, and it has worked over the years. Very well with the Bach calendar, and even excellent with the composer calendars.


Composers Calendars Are Already Cool ... And Now There Is Also a Great Luther Calendar


A Martin Luther calendar then?! What is a Luther calendar doing among the offerings of the small Music Calendar Publishing House "Bach 4 You"? By the way, you can get to the monthly pages directly in the store here. The whole story is a bit longer, but Luther was also a composer. That's why he's allowed here. In the meantime, this Luther calendar is one of the publisher's inexpensive calendars. We have it printed already in summer in a small edition. 2024 + 2025.



Tadaa: Twelve Wine Calendars. Just Discover Them!


Excuse me?! After the Luther calendar above, you can also find wine calendars in the Publishing House? And then twelve different specimens at once? Does wine also have something to do with music? Rather ... less. The Publishing House "Bach 4 You" is located in a small wine-growing community south of Heilbronn in Southern Germany. And this is also where the owner of the Publishing House and the author of the many calendars live. That's right, that's Renate and Peter Bach Jr. And if you live in such a wine community and have also produced a small show for it, then it makes sense to think about what else you could do with the photos, actually with the hundreds of photos. And a calendar about Flein, this wine place, simply suggested itself. So we found pleasure in this topic, also through a friendship with the owner of a local wine internet portal, and one wine calendar became twelve wine calendars. The top is a favorable calendar, the other eleven are hot off the press. All of them can be personalized, one is even a premium personalized calendar for winemakers and professionals in the beverage industry. Head to the Publisher's "right corner" here to explore the monthly pages.



Beyond Composers Calendars and Co. ... Now, Again Tadaa: What You Always Wanted to Know About Calendars


Very soon you will be able to learn much more about calendars here. Not about Bach calendars, composer calendars, organ calendars and music calendars, but about calendars in general. We will then inform you about the German Calendar Museum, about the 100-Year Calendar, about the Mayan Calendar and about the Julian Calendar. At the moment, however, we are still working on the calendars for the next "round", because there are always small changes and from the pipe organ calendar even a next edition is created every year. But ... the pipe organ calendars of the past years are still available. Then of course with current calendar.


One of the truly conservative composers calendars. Because we want to inspire both serious and conservative musicians and music fans, but just as stylish, cool and hip music enthusiasts. We think we should simply offer composers calendars for both "factions". The next composers calendar below is also one of these more conservative ones. The two that follow, however ... are just cool specimens. And you again have two options: 2024 + 2025. And again to the store.


One more of the very conservative composers calendars. Are you now in the mood to explore the monthly pages exactly from this calendar? Here we offer you a shortcut, directly to this page in the store. Once there, please choose the "Composers Calendars Department", look for this calendar in the image above, click on the little button below the image in the store and scroll down a bit, please.


Yes ... a very "cross-brushed" design. And now you are interested in exactly these monthly sheets? You can find them under the price information and under the hints for the three sizes, after clicking exactly on this button under the calendar in the store. But first please click here on the link to the store. And ... then decide gladly for 2024 or for 2025.


It actually took us three artists to create this composers calendar, which is a mix of cartoon and Warhol style. This composer calendar is indeed a firework of colors. Just take a look at the monthly pages. By now, you know how it works ... after you click on the store link above. This calendar will be published in 2024 + 2025.


This is a very special composers calendar. That actually is the ancestor of all composers calendars. And it is probably also the most conservative one in its field. It's also the most authentic: We first searched for twelve such historical weekly newspaper titles, found them, then bought them and finally scanned them in the highest resolution ... just have a look at the monthly sheets via one of the store buttons above. It really is the ultimate gift for musicians, music lovers or friends and acquaintances of musicians and music fans. It is – no question – the composers calendar of all composer calendars (... in German, in English it would be the mother of all composers calendars). And now? Off to the store?



Composers Calendars, Pipe Organ Calendars, Music Calendars Bach Calendars and More ... That Is "Bach 4 You"


On the left it is an exciting Bach calendar, on the right it is the Bach figure from the Erzgebirge (... Ore Mountains), actually handmade.


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The Angels Calendar and a composers calendar.


A "modern" Bach beer stein and the 2024 Pipe Organ Calendar. Two more than cool music gifts.



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